Male beauty for adult boys (and girls) who like young guys from East Asia. The region conventionally includes China (and HK), Korea (both), Japan, Taiwan and Mongolia. But other people include SE Asia. I think Viet guys are hot. And, of course, there’s Chinese DNA and culture all over Asia. But on this blog you’ll most often see faces (and bodies) from Korea, Japan and Taiwan. I love making hot homo-love with guys from East Asia. Featured in this blog are guys who are young-ish, like college age. You won’t find many muscle men featured in this blog since I don’t find body building very attractive. I’m not into big and macho, but also not especially interested in little girly boys. I mean, nothing wrong with sports men and nothing wrong with she-males. But what turns me on is medium body and average male-ness. My ideal type is like skateboarding East Asian hip-hop boys who happen to like men. But of course most of the material we trade on Tumblr is of pop stars and film/TV actors, fashion models and porn models. You know, it’s what’s around. I don’t own any of the material. Just passing it along.

Most of these images came from other Tumblr blogs. Sorry that I’m not reblogging this time, so sources are lost. Message me if you feel you need credit/attribution. On the other hand, none of us is really posting original material. Just about everything came from someonone else’s work. You can find most of the blogs I follow in a list on this page: http://east-asia-guys.tumblr.com/vce

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